Commercial Decorative Window Films

Add privacy, a design statement, or both

Decorative film doesn’t just transform the look of windows, partitions and other smooth glass surfaces; it also changes the way you think about designing and utilizing space. An unexpected addition to areas both intimate and public, decorative film inspires fresh ideas for enhancing interiors, creating privacy, filtering light and more. These decorative films are thoughtfully curated to fuel inspiration and bring to life any design vision, from historic to futuristic. They’re attractive and functional, offering varying degrees of transparency and coverage to help you create and solve challenges – beautifully. Dream, experiment, and enjoy the client compliments with decorative window film by Sun Solutions.

What Decorative Window Film Can Do for Your Project

Elevate Interior Design

Increase Privacy

Hide Unsightly Views

Mimic Specialty Glass

Diffuse Harsh Light

Make Design Changes Easier

Choose a Decorative Window Film Product for Your Project

Frost Decorative Window Films

Frost decorative films can partially or fully conceal without blocking light, and beautifully complement architectural styles from historic to contemporary. Use them to create private, intimate spaces that still feel open and sunlit.

Frosts are a popular choice for both exterior windows and interior partitions. We offer a wide range of options within this decorative film category to ensure you find the ideal match for your project needs, in both style and function. Explore varied levels of privacy and light diffusion, plus a selection of effects from dusted to etched to silvery.

Gradient Decorative Window Films

Our gradient decorative films are a magical, practical pairing of minimal patterns and gradual transitions. They don’t make you choose between coverage and clear sightlines. Instead, these multi-tasking films allow you to emphasize what’s attractive and disguise what’s not. Their clever, adjustable control features make it possible to maintain a professional look, no matter how messy the work at hand.

Choose from a variety of geometric and organic patterns, orient gradient opacity at the top, bottom or side of your glass surface, depending on your desired effect.

Pattern Decorative Window Films

The sophisticated styles in our pattern decorative film collection are designed to bring both originality and privacy to commercial spaces. They create varying moods and coverage levels by skillfully shifting just three elements: matte areas, translucent areas, and surface finish.

A true complement to creativity, our range of patterns is versatile enough to harmonize with spaces from quirky to corporate, cheerful to thoughtful, and spacious to intimate. You’ll find an inspired accent for your project in our broad range of sophisticated options, including choices such as glamorous etched sparkle, serene rice paper and witty barcode stripes.

Texture Decorative Window Films

Like specialty glass, our texture decorative films maintain privacy and add an elegant accent to buildings. They’re a tasteful alternative to drapes, shades and other treatments, because they keep unique window shapes and desirable millwork in clear view. These films are much easier to work into budgets than full window replacement, too.

Crystal or satin, crackled or brushed, every style in this series of films is inspired by the specialty glass often used in historic buildings. Touchable surface texture refracts light to create convincing, clear sparkle that enhances both commercial and residential properties.

Specialty Decorative Window Films

Your imagination and our selection of specialty decorative films can transform any smooth glass surface into a stunning statement: partitions, windows and sliding glass doors are just the beginning. Use these unusual films to customize commercial spaces and furniture too, creating dramatic, memorable effects.

Our inspiring selection of specialty decorative films includes translucent red, yellow, blue and green tints that color glass as well as any light that passes through. Try them alone or in combination with our opaque black and white specialty films, to create a wide range of effects and moods.

Custom Decorative Window Films

Have something completely new and different in mind? We’re here for you, with LLumar PrecisionCut. This proprietary system turns our decorative film into a medium for your original ideas, unlocking creative freedom with fully customizable digital imaging and film cutting services.

You’ll work with your professional installer to transfer custom designs onto the same durable film we use for our other decorative styles logo designs. Any type of artwork is fair game, from illustrations to photography to logo typography. And any smooth, glass surface is a potential canvas, from partitions to storefront windows and more. So go ahead: dream and design, without limits. We’ll turn your concept into stunning reality.

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