Residential Decorative Window Films

Transform glass into one of your home’s most defining features.

With just a little decorative film knowledge, you’ll look at glass surfaces and windows in a completely different light. Possibilities that were invisible before will be revealed; ways to improve design, privacy, brightness and more. Llumar decorative films are thoughtfully curated to fuel imagination and complement any style vision, from traditional to cutting edge. They’re also seriously practical, offering varying degrees of transparency and privacy to help you solve your design and comfort problems – beautifully. Prepare to dream and experiment with decorative window films by Sun Solutions.

What Decorative Window Film Can Do for You

Elevate Interior Design

Create More Privacy

Hide Unsightly Views

Mimic Specialty Glass

Diffuse Harsh Light

Make Design Changes Easier

Choose a Decorative Window Film Product for Your Project

Frost Decorative Window Films

Create private spaces that still feel open and airy with our frost decorative films. They keep your home life protected from prying eyes without sacrificing natural light, and nicely complement architecture from modern to traditional.

Within this series of films, we offer a wide range of options to help you find a match in both style and function. We offer choices in the level of privacy and light diffusion, plus a selection of effects from dusted to etched to silvery.

Gradient Decorative Window Films

Combining simple patterns and soft transitions from transparent to opaque, our gradients are a sophisticated way to both conceal and reveal. Like top-down blinds, they can keep a personal space private without covering up skies. But that’s not your only option. Our professional installers can orient gradient opacity at the top, bottom or side of your glass surface, depending on your desired effect.

Choose from a variety of geometric and organic patterns, all graduated to give you control over attractive and unattractive aspects of view.

Pattern Decorative Window Films

The elegant patterns in this decorative film collection are designed to bring originality and privacy to personal living spaces. They deliver varying coverage and a variety of moods by shifting just three elements: matte areas, translucent areas, and a matte or glossy surface finish.

A tribute to creativity, our patterns are versatile enough to complement rooms from formal to casual, sleek to bohemian, and serious to playful. Whether you decide to punctuate with dots, soothe with soft texture, or something in between, you’ll have a look that’s all your own.

Texture Decorative Window Films

Like specialty glass, our decorative film textures maintain privacy while making an elegant statement. They’re a clever alternative to drapes, shades and other window treatments, because they keep unique window shapes and desirable millwork in clear view. And they’re a much nicer price than replacement windows or glass, too.

Crystal or satin, crackled or brushed, every style in this series of films is a tasteful simulation of expensive specialty glass. Touchable surface texture refracts light to create convincing, clear sparkle that elevates both the interior and exterior of your home.

Specialty Decorative Window Films

You can create an endless variety of dramatic effects with our kaleidoscopic palette of specialty decorative films. Use them to transform any smooth glass surface into a stunning work of art: windows, sliding glass doors, even shower enclosures.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do. Specialty red, yellow, blue and green translucent films are instant mood-setters that tint glass as well as the light that passes through. Try them alone or in layers, for a full rainbow of options. Specialty black and white films can completely block the passage of light, adding even more exciting design options.

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