Sun Control Shades

Sun Control retractable window shades offer some daytime privacy and you can raise them whenever you want. Our shades come in a variety of materials and are custom made for a perfect fit. Make sure your measurements are correct in order for the shade to properly fit in the window opening.

Our window shades mount inside your existing windows. These shades offer the same protection from the suns damaging rays as window film. The space between the shade and windows also traps air and acts as an insulation.

The Sun Control Shade has a special release mechanism that you operate with a chain and allows the operator to raise and lower the shade, stop at any desired position and holds at that position.

Sun Control Advantages

  • Space between shade and window insulates
  • Shades can be raised when not needed
  • Glass and frame are quickly accessible for cleaning or repairs
  • Able to view wildlife outside without them seeing you
  • Energy saver for all seasons
  • Daytime privacy
  • Reduced glare
  • Improved comfort

Contact Sun Solutions today by calling (218) 348-4864 or emailing us at to learn more about the Sun Control Shades we offer. We would be happy to arrange an absolutely free, no obligation consultation and estimate on implementing window film on your next project.