Taking Care of Your Window Film

  1. Film may be washed 30 days after installation, thereafter, as often as desired.
  2. Depending on film type and changes in weather, each film has different drying times. Film will fog up and form water blisters, do NOT disturb the film. The film will dry clear with possible dust inclusions. Drying time will be as short as one week or in some instarnces as long as 3 months.
  3. Normal washing requires a soft synthetic sponge, nonabrasive lint free towel. If using a window cleaner which contains ammonia, dilute it with water. Mild dishwashing soap is a good window cleaner. We suggest using a mild soap cleaner over any cleaner containing ammonia.
  4. Using glass cleaner, thuroughly spray entire window wiping clean with a sponge. Rinse sponge in clean water during the process. For final cleaning, spray window with glass cleaner, then with long top to bottom strokes use your window squeegee, wiping the blade between each stroke. Use towel to absorb water remaining on sill. Paper towels are NOT recommended because certain manufacturers have abrasive material in them.
  5. Scrath resistant films do not require the care that normal films do, however, they do requre the same drying period and use of mild detergents.
  6. All bubbles will dry out, but a few particles or points may be apparent when dry. These points, generally seen from outside, are very tiny and inherent in the use of water-activated pressure sensitive adhesive systems. An adhesive of this type is used because it is the only one that will withstand high humidity, driving rains, ans window condensation while remaining optically clear. You will only see these particles if you get quite close to examine the glass which is something we ordinarilly do not do. They will not effect the film’s performance. A good rule to follow is to look through glass, not at it.

We hope you enjoy your window film. With proper care, we know you will receive many years of benefit from its presence on your windows.